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Career DNA

A DNA Test to Determine your Future Career

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves"- William Shakespeare

The Roadmap of Inborn Genetic Talent - Use It or Not

It is never too early to benefit your children or too late for you

Human Potential and the Boundaries of your DNA


  • DNA collection kit includes simple instructions and a cheek swab.
  • Receive a personalized, in-depth report about you or your children's unique career profile approximately 3 weeks after the lab receives your sample.
  • Gain insight into 71 career categories that will determine your child's inborn genetics for a particular career path

  • Get the complete test for only $199


    There are many socio-economic factors that influence our career path, including intelligence, technical knowledge, skill set, family pressure, peer pressure, motivation, education, and plain old luck and necessity.

    Due to the above factors, most people find themselves in a career that may or may not utilize the best of their inborn genetic talents.

    Many people will experience material success, others will not. Both groups, however, may not know the advantage their DNA predisposition awards them for a vast multitude of human skills or endeavours. Had they or their parents known, particularly early in life, it may have given them a direction where they could naturally excel.

    The career panel below shows an example of a DNA genetic scan and determination of an individual's predisposition to perform above the norm in the field of medical sciences. It indicates that the individual's potential capability is well above the norm for a successful career in these fields. It may encourage the individual to select a particular career path, and convert their potential to reality. Years of research, which is still ongoing, is validated each time a person is guided.


    Years of scientific research on genetic predisposition have unlocked a vast potential for defining specific areas where you have genetic advantages over the population at large.

    The DNA - Destiny Genetic test will help parents discover their children's genetic talent and advantages that may not be obvious at a young age.

    For adults, it is a voyage of discovery. It is never too late to realize what untapped resources you have always possessed or may not have used to your best advantage.

    Uncovering the areas of your child's genetic advantage may be helpful in guiding development. The complexities of life's career decisions are almost infinite. The advantage of recognizing an inborn predisposition to specific endeavours is an important weapon in the arsenal of decision making for children and adults. In today's competitive world, this can be a distinct advantage.

    The test is very complex and up to a few years ago without the advances in technology, would not have been possible.

    No single gene or small group of genes is responsible for endowing a person with exceptional potential in a specific area. The genetically generated conclusion of such ability, a computer allocated genetic amalgam, is based on a large number of input sites. For instance, while two gene variants ACE/ID and ACTN3 R577X have been consistently associated with endurance (ACE1/1) and power related (ACTN3 R/R) performance, neither functions in isolation. A large amount of genetic input from areas such as cardiac function, respiratory function, musculoskeletal structure, motivational factors and 20 other variants form the genetic amalgam associated with an elite athletic status.

    The heritability of a trait is generally considered an estimation of the importance of genetic factors to that trait. As an example, the heritability of athletic status (regardless of sport) is estimated at 59%. The balance is subject to environmental factors such as training, diet, lifestyle etc.

    The allocation of multiple factors associated with any particular trait is complex and problematic. A mix of genetic sites and their proportional allocation is constantly modified as our knowledge of the subject hopefully progresses. For instance, consider the genetic amalgam that contributes to general cognitive ability (intelligence).

    Intelligence is one of the most highly heritable behavioural dimensions. There are many quantitative trait Loci responsible for the substantial heritability and functional allocation of this quantitative trait. Quantitative trait Loci use an allelic association strategy based on DNA markers that are relevant to neural function.

    Advantageous genetic predisposition is vulnerable to a vast number of socio-economic factors, family and peer pressure, economic circumstances, the lure of multiple distractions, opportunity, instant gratification, motivation, education, and the factors of luck and necessity.

    We can state with complete confidence that those with the greatest potential to be baseball players didn't get a chance to play the game.

    About the Test

    The following are the career paths that our Destiny-DNA program is designed to analyze and determine.

    Here are the following fields that we identify:


    Aerospace Engineering

    Chemical Engineering

    Electrical Engineering

    Manufacturing Engineering

    Nuclear Engineering

    Civil Engineering

    Environmental Engineering

    Materials Science

    Petroleum Engineering

    Medical sciences



    Medical doctor



    Medical Technician




    Performing arts including acting



    Creative Director



    Interior Designer



    Event planner


    Fashion Designer

    Sports and Athletic Ability





    Ice hockey

    Track and field - Endurance

    Track and field - Speed and Power






    Justice System and Social Work




    Real Estate Services

    Law Enforcement

    Child Protection Services

    Corrections System

    Family Counselling

    Computer Science Careers

    Software Applications Developer

    Computer systems analyst

    Computer Systems Engineer

    Network Systems Administrator

    Database Administrator

    Business Intelligence Analyst

    Web Developer

    Computer Programmer

    The Humanities





    Art History


    Cultural Studies


    Social Sciences



    Urban Research

    Managerial Studies

    Policy Studies

    Political Science Psychology


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