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Complete Health
Complete DNA

VIA-MEDEX Complete Genetic and Health Test

The most comprehensive genetic and health test on the market! We look at 212 Health conditions!

Here is what we test for?

124 Genetic Traits (click here for the complete list)

  • 31 Disease Conditions
  • 53 Carrier Status Conditions
  • 12 Drug Response Genes
  • 6 Wellness Tests
  • 11 Traits
  • 11 Addictions

  • Health/Wellness/Fitness Traits
    44 Health and Wellness traits that include:

  • 2 Exercise recovery traits
  • 6 Metabolism traits
  • 6 Muscle strength traits
  • 3 Power performance traits
  • 5 Endurance traits
  • 3 Joint Health traits
  • 6 Metabolism traits
  • 3 Food sensitivity and breakdown traits
  • 2 Hunger and weight traits
  • 4 Vitamin metabolism traits
  • 4 Addictive behaviour to food traits
  • Ancestry

  • Covers both the Y and mitochondrial genome
  • Haplogroup Testing

  • Find out what your Y and mitochondrial haplogroup are. See which famous people in history share the same haplogroup as you. We have 72 celebrities and world influencers in our database.
  • Telomere testing

  • Find the Biological age of your cells
  • Hair Mineral Test for Essential and Toxic Minerals

  • Get a 90-day assessment of 23 Essential and 17 Toxic Minerals
  • Hair Cortisol Stress Test

  • Get a 90-day stress level measurement using the Cortisol stress marker



    Complete Test for 212 Health Conditions

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    You will receive a clear and comprehensive describing the multiple single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers that were tested, statistical level of risk, and potential stress level issues. All information is based on the latest scientific research.

    Samples for DNA extraction are taken using buccal swabs (i.e. cheek swabs) while mineral/cortisol status require a small hair sample. These samples are returned to our laboratory for testing. Complete instructions are enclosed in the kit.

    Results in 14 days.

    If you are a medical professional, please contact us about our partnering program.

    * This test is not available for sale in certain countries- Please click here for the list