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Who am I? Where did my ancestors come from?

Discover your geogenetic links with populations around the world. Our test is the most refined and easy to understand DNA genealogy test on the market.

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As of 2017, included with your ancestral test report is a complementary Neanderthal ancestry test. Neanderthals were ancient humans who interbred with modern humans before becoming extinct over 40 000 years ago. This report will reveal your ancestral Neanderthal lineage.

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Ancestral Genetics

The genetics of ancestral origins are long-held associations of who we are and where we came from. Recent genetic developments have examined the intermingling of European, Mideastern, and African populations. The geographical genetic profiles of about 1500 years ago are still evident and detectable in current migratory populations.

There is a distinct presence of African ancestry in many south European, Middle Eastern, and Jewish populations that have been traced back about 70 generations. The primary mixing of African and Southern European populations coincides with events during the Roman Empire and the Arab migrations that followed.

Viamedex's Ancestral DNA test examines the global spectrum of your genetic inheritance.

Ancestral origin tests based on surnames have limited value since names change and evolved over centuries. Also, there are many disparate groups with similar surnames. Viaguard's test incorporates Y-DNA (male) and mtDNA (female) genetic principals as an integral part of our analysis. Your genetic/biological roots may surprise you!

With this simple DNA Ancestry test, your DNA profile is compared against hundreds of global populations and fourteen anthropological regions whose collective genetic information is known and scientifically validated. We then measure the likelihood that your genetic information is linked with each of those populations and regions. DNA genealogy has never been so easy to understand!

The science of Ancestral Origins owes a great deal to the late Alan C. Wilson who died in 1991 while short-listed for the Nobel Prize. In his multi-year studies on informative genetic markers for tracking human origins he concluded that we are all related to a female ancestor who lived in Africa about 200,000 years ago - a premise today accepted by geneticists and the basis of comparative DNA.

The Afro/European Migrations

About 35% of African migration to Europe took place from Sub-Saharan Africa to Europe between 10,000 B.C. and the era of the Roman Empire. The other 65% from the Roman Empire to recent times. The migrations took place via North Africa and coastal routes.

Population Matches: We measure your DNA individually against every population in our database, and mark how strongly your profile matched against each. On the population match graph, each population has a shape which tells you which anthropological region that population belongs to, as well as a percentage to indicate how strong a match you had with it. In this set of calculations, we also indicate three special anthropological regions, which are actually groups of dispersed populations. A dispersed population is one that has migrated from a native land to somewhere else on the globe.

United Kingdom Matches: Running a completely new set of calculations, and not using any of our "dispersed population" regions, we determine with which anthropological United Kingdom regions you have the strongest links.

How does the test work?

If you are a male, the Y chromosome analysis indicates where your paternal ancestors came from over the last 700 plus years since the original exodus from Africa about 70,000 years ago. Females can discover their ancient maternal lineage through DNA testing. Because a father's mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is destroyed at fertilization, a child inherits only the mother's mitochondrial DNA, thus preserving the maternal link to the ancient past.

Viamedex takes advantage of both Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA to provide a clinically precise answer to your ancestral lineage.

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